Children of the Dual Citizenship

Children of the Dual Citizenship

An affidavit is given to children of dual citizenship holding passports of foreign nationality (article 1 number 2 of Permenkumham No.22/2012)

Children with dual citizenship must be registered by their parents or legal guardians at the local immigration or embassies and consulates of the Republic of Indonesia (article 3 number 1 of Permenkumham No. 22/2012)

Requirements for the registration of Children of the Dual Citizenship:

  1. Registration form
  2. Valid Identity Card (KTP) of the parents or legal guardians
  3. Family card (KK) *Child has been registered in the Family Card
  4. Child's Birth Certificate
  5. Marriage certificate or divorce certificate of parents
  6. A valid passport of the child's foreign nationality (if any)
  7. Passports of parents or legal guardians
  8. Children born before 1 August 2006 must hold a decree from the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia regarding Indonesian Citizenship
  9. Submitting four most recent photographs with a red or blue background measuring 4 cm x 6 cm in size

Legal Basis:

  1. Article 4 paragraph (1) and (2) of Permenkumham No. 22/2012
  2. Article 3 letter a of Permenkumham No. M.HH-19.AH.10.01 Th. 2011

Obtaining an Affidavit:

  1. Have a valid passport of foreign nationality;
  2. Have proof of registration of a child with dual citizenship.

Legal Basis: Article 11 paragraph (3) of Permenkumham No. 22/2012


  1. Children holding only a foreign passport are exempted from visas, residence permits and re-entry permits
  2. A hexagon immigration sign of entry or triangle immigration sign of departure is given
  3. Children holding an Indonesian and foreign passports must choose to use one of their passports
  4. A limited citizenship sign is stamped on the AD-CARD
  5. An Indonesian woman who marries a male citizen of a foreign country can sponsor her husband to apply for a visa for a temporary residence permit, a permanent residence permit and to become an Indonesian national.